Unnamed Film
Unnamed Film
Naomi Uman
Ukraine / USA, 2008
16mm | 55min. | Colour | VOSE

Production: Naomi Uman (

Screenplay: Naomi Uman
Photography: Naomi Uman
Editor: Naomi Uman
Sound: Naomi Uman
Uman introduces us to the small village that she has adopted as her home in the former Soviet republic, where she found people living in much the same way as they were a century ago. The film, which forms part of the project Ukrainian Time Machine, is the result of the filmmaker’s attempt to investigate issues of immigration by becoming an immigrant herself. She returned to Ukraine, the land her great-grandparents left in 1906, without speaking the language or knowing anyone. Showing with Window (2009).
Naomi Uman is an American experimental filmmaker who has lived for the last three years in a rural Ukrainian village. Her films include Leche (1998), Mala Leche (1998), Removed (1999) and Hand-Eye Coordination (2002), all screened at previous editions of l'Alternativa.
International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2009
Migrating Forms NYC, 2009
Arica Nativa, 2009