Last year we signed a collaboration agreement with the Basque organisation Mugarik Gabe.

Mugarik Gabe is a development NGO that has been working for twenty years to promote the right to comprehensive human development, working towards equality between men and women and different peoples and clearly sustainable development for future generations. To help achieve its goals, Mugarik Gabe is linked to development projects in the poorest countries in the world..

As part of the projects for raising awareness and educating people about development, for the last 14 years they have organised a Film and Cooperation Festival and have signed collaboration agreements with the Latin American Coordinator for Film and Communication with Indigenous Peoples. Since last year, they have also had backing from l'Alternativa.

This year, l'Alternativa will present the Barcelona public with a selection of documentaries made by different indigenous communities in Latin America.

To complement this range of different voices and visions, will shall be screening Carlos Ferrand's Americano. This Quebec-based Peruvian director will present this personal work that goes from Patagonia - the land of fire - to Nunavut - the land of ice - visiting old friends he met on his travels. Each personal experience is woven into the history of the continent and its highly diverse population. This road movie gives us a feel for a new American era, where the power to rebuilt is growing once again. The filmmaker's narration accompanies us on this trip and invites us to make political reflections and enjoy highly poetic images. Americano is a vast story told through many voices.

In collaboration with the Casa Amèrica Catalunya.


Carlos Ferrand (Canada)

Darini-Iniciaçao espiritual xavante (Darini: Xavante Spiritual Initiation)
Caimi Waiasse (Brazil)

Dulce convivencia (Sweet Gathering)
Filoteo Gómez Martínez (Mexico)

Guatemala: la tierra arrasada (Guatemala: the Ravaged Land)
José Gaya (Mexico / Guatemala)

Iskay yachay (Two Kinds of Knowledge)
Rodrigo Otero, Maja Tillman (Peru)

La vida de una mujer en resistencia (The Life of a Resistance Woman)
Moisés (Mexico)

Meu primeiro contato (My First Contact)
Mari Corrêa, Kumaré Txicão (Brazil)

Mirando hacia dentro. La militarización en Guerrero (Looking Inward: The Militarisation in Guerrero)
Carlos E. Pérez Rojas (Mexico)

Pa' poder que nos den tierra (Give Us Land)
Mauricio Acosta (Colombia)

Radio chanul pom
José Alfredo Jiménez Pérez (Mexico)

Sachata kishpichik mani (Jungle Defender)
Eriberto Gualinga Montalvo (Ecuador)

Sipakapa qal k'o pirk' ey xik (Sipakapa Is Not for Sale)
Álvaro Revenga (Guatemala)

David Valdiveloo (Australia)

Voces del Sáhara (Voices of the Sahara)
Javier Pérez, Jesús Álvarez (Western Sahara / República Árabe - Saharahui)

Wixage anai (Awake and Rising)
Anthony Raul (Chile)