Film Schools of the World

Films Schools

We have always seen this section of l'Alternativa as geared particularly towards young people. We have screened the work of hundreds of young filmmakers over the last fifteen years - some of which have been Goya-nominated and some of which have won awards at prestigious film festivals such as Cannes and San Sebastián.

In 2008, following the same philosophy, we have programmed a series of additional activities to complement this section.

Between Monday 17 and Friday 21 November 2008, three Spanish film schools and one German film school will have two hours in the CCCB Auditorium to set out their teaching philosophies, hold short seminars and give more detailed information than what we could ever find on their website or promotional leaflets.

During these intense five days, the public will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers and get a first-hand impression of the following film schools: CECC (Barcelona, Spain), ECAM (Madrid, Spain), ESCAC (Terrassa, Spain) and HFF-Konrad Wolf (Potsdam, Germany).

In addition, as in past years, the FNAC auditorium will also screen work by film students, Casa América in Catalonia will show the latest work by Latin American film schools, and there will be a two-hour session in the CCCB Hall.

A new feature this year is the addition of the MACBA Auditorium as a new venue, screening animations and short films from film schools in Belarus, Korea, France and Switzerland.

On the occasion of our fifteenth anniversary, we would like to thank all the film schools and students who have been involved with the Festival and express our sincere gratitude to our keen festivalgoers.

In collaboration with the Casa Amèrica Catalunya.


An Honourable Day / Dramatiska Institutet
Anders Habenicht (Sweden)

Mellan oss / Dramatiska Institutet
Per Hanefjord (Sweden)

Valborg / Dramatiska Institutet
Annika Rogell (Sweden)

Etwas Ich / HFF Konrad Wolf
Konrad Kästner (Germany)

Human Request / HFF Konrad Wolf
Eugen Schlege, Christoph Willumeit (Germany)

Who Is Mao Zedong? / HFF Konrad Wolf
Dennis Paul (Germany)

Die schwarze Kolonne / HFF Konrad Wolf
Andreas Schaap (Germany)

Shelly / Royal College of Art, London
Johnny Kelly (United Kingdom)

Procrastination / Royal College of Art, London
Johnny Kelly (United Kingdom)

Auditorio CCCB

Viernes / CECC
Xavi Puebla (Spain)

Ronda de nit / CECC
Ramón Térmens (Spain)

Patesnak / CECC
Iñaki Elizalde (Spain)

Cara Sucia / CECC
Santiago Zannou (Spain)

No me jodas que tú no lo haces / CECC
Adán Aliaga (Spain)

Especial (con luz) / CECC
Juanjo Giménez (Spain)

Todo lo sólido / CECC
German Berger (Spain)

Padam / ECAM. Escuela Cinematográfica y Audiovisual de Madrid
José Manuel Carrasco (Spain)

Atención al cliente / ECAM. Escuela Cinematográfica y Audiovisual de Madrid
Marcos Valín, David Alonso (Spain)

Lo mejor de mí / ESCAC. Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya
Roser Aguilar (Spain)

Our Wonderful Nature / HFF Konrad Wolf
Tomer Eshed (Germany)

Lainer / HFF Konrad Wolf
Dana Löffelholz, Anna Intemann (Germany)

Disbelief Will Save Your Soul / HFF Konrad Wolf
Samuel Weikopf (Germany)

Was weiss der Tropfen / HFF Konrad Wolf
Jan Zabell (Germany)

LHO / HFF Konrad Wolf
Jan Zabeil, Kristof Kannegießer (Germany)

Der Durchbruch / HFF Konrad Wolf
Carsten Fiebeler (Germany)

Samsa / HFF Konrad Wolf
René Lange (Germany)

I Don't Feel Like Dancing / HFF Konrad Wolf
Joachim Dollhopf, Evi Goldbrunner (Germany)


Fokusnoe rasstoyanie / Bielorrusian State Academy of Arts
Andrei Kutsila, Raman Ramashka (Belarus)

Groove Inside / École Pivaut
Charles Edouard (France)

Les rejetons du crone-mitaine / École Pivaut
Geraert Julien (France)

Parcours / École Pivaut
Herve Paul (France)

Aztec / École Pivaut
Le Corre Florent (France)

Toaster / École Pivaut
Leroux Gaël (France)

Le semeur d'etoiles / École Pivaut
Logeais Audrey (France)

Bang Bang / École Pivaut
Morgand Virginie (France)

La porte verte - Et, je ne dis rien / École Pivaut
Raffin Anne (France)

Blind / École Pivaut
Rateau Alexandre (France)

EOL / École Pivaut
Tardieu Eve (France)

Rhythm / École Pivaut
Virmont Jérôme (France)

When men love woman / KOFIC. The Korean Film Council
Hyun-ho Kim (South Korea)

Someone's First Love / KOFIC. The Korean Film Council
Oh Chang-min (South Korea)

Hobbyist / KOFIC. The Korean Film Council
Kyung-soon Chang (South Korea)

High School Girls / KOFIC. The Korean Film Council
Ji-wan Park (South Korea)

Alice - Paris / Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)
Stefan Muggli (Switzerland)


L'avance / La Fémis
Baumard, Dominique (France)

De las relaciones / CECC
Jorge Acebo (Spain)

Quand ché l'heure ché l'heure / CECC
Fred Menier (Spain)

The Red Line / Chapman University
Joshua Shain (United States)

Mamitas / Chapman University
Nicholas Ozeki (United States)

Del Blanco al negro / ECAM. Escuela Cinematográfica y Audiovisual de Madrid
Gerardo Herrero (Spain)

La M con la A / ECAM. Escuela Cinematográfica y Audiovisual de Madrid
Rosario Fuentenebro Yubero (Spain)

Unday / ESCAC
David Moreno (Spain)

Reality / ESCAC
Kim Gazquez (Spain)

Nachttanke / Fachhochschule Mainz
Christian Schleisiek (Germany)

Tembûr / Hamburg Media School
Hannes Treiber (Germany)

Amnesie / Hamburg Media School
Frauke Thielecke (Germany)

Einladung / Hamburg Media School
Katrin Gebbe (Germany)

Kasia / Institut des Arts de Difusión - IAD
Elisabet Lladó (Belgium)

Sale temps pour les cons / Institut des Arts de Difusión - IAD
Guillaume Noel, Nicolás Pfeiffer, Valentin Grégoire (Belgium)

Bruder, Bruder / KHM Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Lars Kreyßig (Germany)

Auf der Strecke / KHM Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Reto Caffi (Germany)

The Legend of K / KOFIC. The Korean Film Council
Jae-yoon Song (South Korea)

Une vieille aventure du chat aux champignons / La Fémis
Garcia Canga, Pablo (France)

Baptême du feu / La Fémis
Nicolas Mesdom (France)

Paris plage / Le Fresnoy
Momoko Seto (France)

Définitivement... / Le Fresnoy
Alexandre del Torchio (France)

Revenge / London Film Academy
Marina Ferreira (United Kingdom)

Shadowed / London Film Academy
Joseph A. Adesunloye (United Kingdom)

Rule 2 / London Film Academy
Joost Zoetebier (United Kingdom)

Poor Bro, Rich Bro / The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, School of Film & Television
Vinccy Lee (Hong Kong)

Morning Will Come / York University
Pouyan Jafarizadeh Dezfoulian (Canada)

510 Meter ueber dem Meer / Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)
Kerstin Polte (Switzerland)

Casa América Catalunya

No porque hoy sea feriado / Universidad del Cine - Argentina
Nicolás Grosso (Argentina)

¡Nada, Regla, nada! / Academy of Media Arts, Cologne
Philipp Enders (Germany)

El deseo / Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfico
Marie Benito (Mexico)

Mía / Escuela de Cine Black María
Carlos Restrepo (Colombia)

El año del cerdo / Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV
Claudia Calderón (Cuba)

Rua das Tulipas / OZi - Escola de Audiovisual de Brasília
Alê Camargo (Brazil)

Oigo tu grito / Universidad del Cine - Argentina
Pablo Lamar (Argentina)