La rebelión de las oaxaqueñas

These are permanent or ephemeral organisations that aim to get people to see audiovisual work from fresh perspectives. Personal, formal and informal networks make up the spider's web that makes it all possible.

We present three organisations through talks, screenings, performances...

CIC Batá

The Image of the South Documentary and Social Film Festival forms part of the NGO CIC Batá’s Development Communication and Education Area. This non-competitive event aims to give some pointers to the social, political, economic, cultural, human and historical situation in countries in the South.

The Image of the South has consolidated itself at Andalusian, Spanish and international level, thanks to the fact that not only is it a cultural event, but also strives to raise awareness of North-South relations and refocus the usual media coverage. This twofold nature has been key to the festival being accepted as a member of UNESCO’s World Alliance for Cultural Diversity

The Oaxacan Women’s Rebellion forms part of the documentary series 8 Objectives, One Single World.

Mugarik Gabe

For the last fourteen years, the Basque non-governmental development organisation Mugarik Gabe has organised the ZureVision, SocialVision Film and Cooperation Festival, which promotes different forms of communication and information and works towards fostering critical, independent thinking free from the hegemony of the media.

The festival comprises the following sections:

- Screening of films selected at the International Poor Cinema Festival in Cuba and the Indigenous Peoples Film and Communication Coordinator (CLACPI).
- Talks in cinemas on Communication and Development.
- International Socially Minded Adverts Contest.

Working Documents

Working Documents is an artistic exhibition that examines documentary-making’s relationship with visual and performance documentary strategies for social action.

Working Documents asks how documentary images and genre narratives can lead to new production relationships with contextual cultural discourses

The artists taking part in this exhibition - Alejandra Riera, Natalie Bookchin, Marina Grzinic & Aina Smid, Emma Hedditch, María Ruido and Sandra Schäfer – use artistic and discursive practice to explore the potential offered by creating documentary images through new media and postproduction of narratives in progress.

The approach behind Working Documents extends to the processes of undocumenting narratives, genre politics and de-identity, translation as mediation, culture as a critical tool, the dynamics of reception as new declarations, performance as symbolic geography, procurement, and collaborative effort in creating public images.