Masterclass - Andres Veiel

This year, l'Alternativa has programmed a retrospective of one of the leading contemporary German documentary-makers and a lecturer at the prestigious Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin: Andres Veiel.

Bearing in mind the importance of training and recycling for industry professionals, we have organised this masterclass, where this filmmaker will talk about boundaries and crossover in documentary-making and fiction and defend the need for a subjective perspective.


Documentary-making is currently undergoing something of a boom. However, the scene if dominated by television formats with standardised stylistic resources, and there is less and less room for original, personal works. In addition, the means of production are now widely available - anyone can pick up a camera and shoot what they please. There are so many images around that doubts arise as to how much they can be trusted. The path to authenticity is paved with lies.

Where is freedom of action in documentary work and how can it be championed? Where should ethical limits be set? Can an openly staged setting sometimes be more truthful than a strict documentary? Andres Veiel will look at these and other questions, using short extracts from his own documentaries.

Date: Monday 17 November
Time: 6pm to 9pm
Place: Aula 2. CCCB
Entrance: €15
Contact: Patricia Sánchez. Tel.: 933 014 326 (tuesday to thursday, 11am to 1pm)

In collaboration with the Goethe Institute in Barcelona.