Tony Gatlif

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Je suis né d
Je suis né d'une cigogne (Children of the Stork)
Tony Gatlif
France, 1999
35mm (35mm). 80min. Color. VOSC

Photography: Eric Guichard, Claude Garnier
Editor: Monique Dartonne
Screenplay: Tony Gatlif
Music: Tony Gatlif
Actors: Romain Duris, Rona Hartner, Ouassini Embarek, Christine Pignet
Sinopsis: Otto, one of the long-term unemployed, lives with his mother in state housing. His girlfriend, Louna, works as a hairdresser and lives with an old woman who is being harasses by the bailiffs. Fed up with their meaningless lives, they decide to rebel against a system and a society they have grown to despise. As they set out on their anarchic adventure they are joined by Ali, an intellectual teenage immigrant, who ran away from home as a reaction to his father's brutal attempts to efface his Arab origins. Armed with a gun, the three friends steal cars and rob shops when they need to. On the way they encounter a stork with an injured wing. The stork tells them that he is an Algerian refugee who is on his way to stay with his family in Germany. The three friends adopt the stork, get his wing fixed and set about trying to get a forged passport so that he can cross the Franco-German border.
Festivals: Nominat al Golden Bayard com a Millor Pel·lícula al Festival Internacional de Films de Parla Francesa Namur 1999.