Tony Gatlif

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Latcho drom
Latcho drom
Tony Gatlif
France, 1993
35mm (35mm). 103min. Color. VOSE
Production: Michele Ray-Gavras
Photography: Eric Guichard
Editor: Nicole Berckmans
Screenplay: Tony Gatlif
Actors: La Caita
Sinopsis: Latcho Drom (Romany for ‘safe journey') describes the travelling, singing and dancing of Romany groups from Rajasthan, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, France, and Spain. Some scenes are acted, but there is no dialogue or narration, only partial translation of some songs. The film illustrates the wide variety of different conditions in which the Romany people live: earthbound nomads in the hot deserts of Asia, ironsmiths and abjectly poor tree-dwellers in the frozen plains of Eastern Europe, and craftspeople and traders in the hills and shores of North Africa and Western Europe. It also illustrates the similarities in travel habits, musical tones (spoons, open drums, and string-based rhythms) and song themes (celebration of travel and perceived rejection by sedentary locals).

Gran Premi de les Amèriques per la trilogia sobre el Poble Gitano (Les princes, Latcho drom i Gadjo dilo) al Festival Internacional de Cinema de Montreal 1997.
Premio especial Un certain regard, Festival de Cannes 1993.
Menció especial, National Society of Film Critics Awards, Estats Units, 1996.