Tony Gatlif

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Vengo (I'm Coming)
Tony Gatlif
France / Spain, 1999
35mm (35mm). 90min. Color. VOSE

Photography: Thierry Pouget
Editor: Pauline Dairou
Screenplay: David Trueba, Tony Gatlif
Actors: Antonio Canales, Antonio Dechent, Bobote, Juan Luis Corrientes, Orestes Villasan
Sinopsis: Caco, a proud, mischievous Andalusia gypsy with some considerable weight in the community, is devastated by his beloved daughter's tragic, incomprehensible suicide and lives only for his business, a third-rate brothel. He is accompanied by Diego, his young nephew - who though unable to speak has a great love for partying, women in general and, naturally, flamenco. Caco drowns his sorrows in partying and alcohol and appears to be on a headlong rush towards physical and moral destruction. The only thing that keeps him going is his love for his nephew Diego. This is Andalusia, in the south of Europe, where the concept of honour is deeply rooted amongst gypsies and forms one of the pillars of their life. When Diego's father kills a leading member of the Caravaca gypsies and flees to Africa, the unprotected Diego finds his own life is threatened by calls for revenge.

Nominat al Premi ALMA, Millor Pel·lícula Estrangera, 2002.
Premi a la Millor Música Original als Premis César 2001.
Premi Especial del Jurat al Festival de Cinema d'Istanbul 2001.