Glauber Rocha

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Cabeças cortadas
Cabeças cortadas (Severed Heads)
Glauber Rocha
Spain, 1970
DVD (35mm). 95min. Color. VO
Production: Barcelona Profilmes S.A., Barcelona Filmscontacto, Mapa Filmes
Photography: Jaime deu Casas
Editor: Eduardo Escorel
Screenplay: Glauber Rocha
Actors: Francisco Rabal, Pierre Clémenti, Víctor Israel, Emma Cohen, Luis Ciges, Manuel Esteban, Rosa María Penna

Cabeças cortadas returns to the subject of dictatorship, which Glauber Rocha had already looked at in Terra em transe (1967). It tells the story of the final days of the despot Diaz II, exiled from his country, Eldorado. The film was shot entirely in Catalonia with several French and Spanish actors who had worked with Buñuel. The importance of this film lies in what the director calls "the cinema of the future, sound, light, delirium". Shortly afterwards, he set out his second manifesto, the Aesthetics of Dream, which is clearly materialised in this film.