Glauber Rocha

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O dragão da maldade contra o santo guerreiro
O dragão da maldade contra o santo guerreiro (The Dragon of Evil against the Warrior Saint)
Glauber Rocha
Brazil, 1969
DVD (35mm). 95min. Color. VOSE
Production: Mapa Films
Photography: Afonso Beato
Editor: Eduardo Escorel
Screenplay: Glauber Rocha
Music: Marlos Nobre, Walter Queiros, Sergio Ricardo, Música folclórica de Bahia y Minas.
Actors: Mauricio Do Valle, Odette Lara, Othon Bastos, Hugo Caravana, Jofre Soares, Rosa Maria Penna, Lorival Pariz
Sinopsis: Antônio das Mortes' return to the sertão from Deus e o Diabo na Terra do Sol (1964) is marked by Coronel Horacio's call and a confrontation with three holy people: a woman who says she is Saint Barbara; a black man who says he is the reincarnation of revolutionary Zumbi das Palmeiras; and Coirana, apparently the reincarnation of the cangaçeiro Lampião. As its title suggests, the film chronicles the allegorical struggle between evil (latifundia) and good (agrarian reform). The director brings back the icons of his first success and places them outside the natural setting of the sertão in a less primitive and less mythical atmosphere. In this way, he increases their symbolic charge by creating a place that appears very different in the new dynamics of progress.