Tony Gatlif

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Gadjo dilo
Gadjo dilo (The Crazy Outsider)
Tony Gatlif
France, 1997
35mm (35mm). 100min. Color. VOSE

Photography: Eric Guichard
Editor: Monique Dartonne
Screenplay: Tony Gatlif
Music: Tony Gatlif
Actors: Romain Duris, Roma Hartner, Izidor Serban, Dan Astileanu
Sinopsis: Stéphane is a young French man who travels the world in search of Nora Luca, one of his father's favourite singers. When he meets Isidore, an old gypsy who takes him under his wing and leads him to a village full of music and love, passion and freedom in the form of the beautiful Sabina, his life changes for ever.
Bio: Michel Dahmani, better known as Tony Gatlif, was born on 10 September 1948 in Algiers, where he spent most of his childhood. In 1960, during the Algerian War, he moved to Paris. There, at college, he had his first contact with film in the form of a 16-mm projector his teacher had acquired so students could discuss films in class: Tony Gatlif's passion for filmmaking was kindled.
In France, he found himself in a desperate situation and spent several years homeless in Paris, wandering the streets and seeking shelter in the Grand Boulevard cinema. His luck changed in 1966, when he went to see the play Du vent dans les branches by Sassafras and knocked on the dressing-room door of actor Michel Simon, who immediately recognised his talent and wrote a letter to his agent asking him to give Gatlif a chance. At this point, he started his professional training and signed up for acting classes



Lleopard d'Honor al Festival Internacional de Cinema de Locarno 1997. 

Gran Premi de les Amèriques per la seva trilogia sobre el Poble Gitano (Les princes, Latcho drom i Gadjo dilo) al Festival Internacional de Cinema de Montreal 1997.