Andres Veiel

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Andres Veiel
Germany / France, 1993
DVD (35mm). 89min. Color. VOSE
Production: Journal-Film Klaus Volkenborn KG
Photography: Hans Rombach
Editor: Bernd Euscher
Sinopsis: A documentary about the Jewish-Palestinian theatre group Akko, which sparked controversy with their provocative play Arbeit macht frei. The film combines scenes from the play with interviews with the actors, and also looks at the situation in Israel and Palestine. Palestinian Khaled sees working with Jewish actors as working towards peace; his friends in the occupied territories view him as a traitor. Jewish actress Madi's father survived the Sobibor extermination camp, but she herself criticises some people's use of the Holocaust in pursuit of current political goals.


Bio: Andres Veiel (Stuttgart, 1959) studied psychology in Berlin and attended directing seminars at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, ran at the time by major directors such as Krzysztof Kieslowski.
He is one of the leading documentary-makers in Germany at the present moment. His work covers political, artistic and personal issues and has won numerous national and international awards.
His documentary Balagan caused a sensation and won a string of awards, and his subsequent films were equally successful: Die Überlebenden won the Adolf Grimme award; Die Spielwütigen, the Panorama Audience Award at the 2004 Berlinale; and Black Box BRD, the European Award for Best Documentary.

Premi de la Pau del Festival Internacional de Cinema de Berlín (Alemanya, 1994).

Premi del Cinema Alemany (Alemanya, 1994).