Ye Che
Ye Che (Tren nocturno)
Diao Yi Nan
China, 2007
35mm (35mm). 92min. Color. VOSE
Production: Mk2, [email protected], +33 01 44 67 30 55
Photography: Jingsong Dong
Editor: Jing Lei Kong
Screenplay: Diao Yi Nan
Music: Zi Wen
Actors: Liu Dan, Qi Dao, Xu Wei, Wu Yuxi, Wang Zhenjia, Meng Haiyan
Sinopsis: Shot in the inhospitable industrial landscape of China's western provinces, Night Train is a minimalist mediation on loneliness, sexual desire and submission. Wu Hongyan works in a regional court, where she assists in the execution of condemned prisoners. On her days off, she undertakes a listless search for love at matchmaking dance parties, where her encounters invariably end badly. Then she meets Li Jun, a man who both attracts and terrifies her, and who harbours a dark agenda of his own.
Bio: Diao Yi'nan (Xi'an, Shaanxi, 1969) is a director, screenwriter and occasional actor. He graduated in 1992 from the Central Academy of Drama and worked as a screenwriter with directors Shi Runjiu (All the Way) and Zhang Yang (in Spicy Love Soup and Shower). In 2003 he made his first feature film Uniform.

Menció especial al Festival de cinema Indielisboa (2008), Premi especial del jurat, Premi a la Millor actriu i Premi de l'Associació de Directors de Cinema al Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cinema Independent (2008).