En attendant les hommes
En attendant les hommes (Esperando a los hombres)
Katy Ndiaye
Belgium / Mauritania, 2007
Betacam SP (PAL) (HD). 56min. Color. VOSC
Production: Aurélien Bodinaux, [email protected], +32 478 33 97 09
Photography: Herman Bertiau
Editor: Yannick Leroy
Screenplay: Katy Ndiaye
Music: Erwin Vann
Sinopsis: Oualata, a red city on the far edge of the Sahara desert. In this haven, a frail rampart against the sand, three women practise traditional painting and decorate the walls of the city. In a society apparently dominated by tradition, religion and men, these women freely express themselves, commenting freely on the relationship between men and women.
Bio: Katy Ndiaye has made one previous film, Trace, empreintes de femmes (2003), which was well received at international film festivals.