Wie ich ein freier Reisebegleiter wurde
Wie ich ein freier Reisebegleiter wurde (Cómo me convertí en guía turístico freelance)
Jan Peters
Germany, 2007
Betacam SP (PAL) (Super 8mm / avi files from a digital photocamera). 15min. Color. VOSC
Production: Kerstin Isenbeck, [email protected], +49 40 39909193
Photography: Marcus Winterbauer
Editor: Sandra Trostel
Screenplay: Jan Peters
Music: Pit Przygodda
Actors: Matthias Breitenbach, Chris Herr, Jan Peters

A film diary in the land of €1 jobs: Jan Peters attempts to get practical training with a pensioner in Frankfurt who supplements his meagre pension with freelance tour guiding. Every day, he buys a group ticket for the subway and then takes his customers from the airport to wherever they want to go for a small fee. Armed with a business card, overalls and some elegant aftershave to inspire confidence, there is nothing standing in his way. This story about survivalists at Frankfurt airport evokes the painful final days of the German welfare state.

Bio: Jan Peters (1966) studied at the Art Institute in Hamburg and cofounded the filmmakers' collective Abbildungszentrum. Besides films, he also makes audio dramas. His films include November, 1-30, December, 1-31, which was awarded the Documentary prize at l'Alternativa 1999, and I Am 33.