Pierwszy dzien
Pierwszy dzien (El primer día)
Marcin Sauter
Poland, 2007
Betacam SP (PAL) (HD). 20min. Color. VOSC
Production: krzysztof Kopczynski, [email protected], +48 228284810
Photography: Marcin Sauter
Editor: Tymek Wiskirski
Screenplay: Marcin Sauter

The film observes children from the Russian Tundra who are moved to an urban environment in order to attend school. It becomes the story of one of the most important moments in everybody's life, the first border young people have to cross to become adults.

Bio: Marcin Sauter (Bydgoszcz, 1971) is a photographer and studied documentary at the Andrzej Wajda School of Film Directing in Warsaw. Amongst others he has worked on the film The Suburban Train (2005) by Maciej Cuske, shown at l'Alternativa 2006.
Festivals: Festival Internacional de Cinema de Cracovia, Leipzig - Festival Internacional de Cine Documental y de Animación, Festival de Curts Winterthur, Festival de Documentals de Sheffield, Festival Internacional de Cinema Alcine, Doclisboa, Interfilm Berlín, i altres.