Yin-Ju Chen
Taiwan, 2008
MiniDV (PAL) (HD). 8min. Color. VOSC
Production: Yin-Ju Chen, [email protected], +49 030 891 4515
Photography: Yin-Ju Chen, James T. Hong
Editor: Yin-Ju Chen
Screenplay: Yin-Ju Chen

A mother works tirelessly for rich clients so she can send her daughter to study in the United States, one example of how Asian parents devote themselves to their grown children. The montage illustrates the detailed procedure of dressmaking, and the phone conversation covers credit-card expenses, converted from US dollars to Taiwanese yuan.

Bio: Yin-Ju Chen is a Taiwanese multidisciplinary artist. Since 2004, she has regularly shown her experimental videos at the Other Cinema programme at Artists' Television Access in San Francisco. Her works also include photo performances, installations, and drawings.
Festivals: Split Film Festival (Croàcia)