Bildfenster | Fensterbilder
Bildfenster | Fensterbilder (Imágenes y ventanas)
Bert Gottschalk
Germany, 2007
35mm (35mm). 6min. Black and White. WD
Production: Bert Gottschalk , [email protected], +49 30 41715879
Photography: Bert Gottschalk
Editor: Rudi Zieglmeier
Screenplay: Bert Gottschalk
Music: Franz Schubert
Sinopsis: Single 8mm frames are compared to the windows of house façades in a big city.
Bio: Bert Gottschalk (Potsdam, 1972) studied animation at HFF Potsdam Babelsberg, and combines his Super8 experiments with work for TV, advertising, and short- and feature-film projects. He also made Lazy Sunday Afternoon (1999).