Kinder. Wie die Zeit vergeht
Kinder. Wie die Zeit vergeht (Ni˝os. El tiempo vuela)
Thomas Heise
Germany, 2007
35mm (Betacam). 86min. Black and White. VOSE
Production: Heino Deckert, Filmproduktion, [email protected], +49 341 215 66 38
Photography: B÷rres Weiffenbach
Screenplay: Thomas Heise
Sinopsis: Kinder. Wie die Zeit vergeht is the third film in Thomas Heise’s Jammed-Trilogy about families from Halle-Neustadt, Germany. Here the director focuses on one family: Jeanette and her two sons Paul and Tommy, her parents and her youngest brother Tino. Present-day footage is intercut with material from 1999 and creates a picture of speechlessness and stagnation. In its cool black-and-white images the film explores the situation of society today. Life as it flows. How do you live?
Bio: Thomas Heise (1955) ended up in the theatre after being expelled from film school and the East German state production company DEFA. But he's an obstinate fellow and continued setting up his camera in uncomfortable, unexpected places.
Festivals: Nominat al Premi Arte al millor documental per l'Acadèmia de Cinema Europeu (2008)