La frontera infinita
La frontera infinita (La frontera infinita)
Juan Manuel Sepúlveda
Mexico, 2008
Betacam SP (PAL) (Betacam). 90min. Color. VO
Production: Patricia Coronado, Juan Manuel Sepulveda, [email protected], +525 5 54485339
Photography: Víctor Dávila
Editor: Roberto Bolado
Screenplay: Juan Manuel Sepúlveda
Music: Arturo Villela
Sinopsis: Every year, hundreds of thousands of Central Americans cross Mexico clandestinely on their way to the United States. La frontera infinita is a tale of willpower and hope told through the stories of men and women searching for a better life and facing an possibly infinite journey.
Bio: Juan Manuel Sepulveda (Pachuca, 1980) studied at the UNAM Film School. In 2006 he received an Ariel for Best Documentary for his film Bajo la tierra. He currently runs the documentary production company FraguaCine.
Festivals: Festival Internacional de Cinema de Morelia i Festival Internacional de Cinema de Berlín.