Mathieu Labaye
Belgium, 2008
MiniDV (PAL) (HD). 9min. Color. VOSC
Production: Jean-Luc Slock, [email protected], +32 4 253 59 97
Editor: Mathieu Labaye
Screenplay: Mathieu Labaye
Music: Mathieu Labaye, Fabian Fiorini
Sinopsis: "I think that, when moving, you take over your own life. You're free to come and go, to have gestures of love, tenderness, anger. So when you are deprived of the ability to move, as I am, in order to survive you need to reinvent movement." Benoît Labaye
Bio: Mathieu Labaye studied comics and illustration at the Saint Luc Institute in Liège and the Animation Cinema Department at the La Cambre School in Brussels. He works at Camera-etc, a Belgian animation workshop where children, teenagers and adults come to make their own animation films with the help of professionals.