Las meninas
Las meninas
Ihor Podolchak
Ukraine, 2008
Betacam SP (PAL) (HD). 99min. Color. VOSE
Production: Ihor Podolchak , [email protected], +38 044 2538007
Photography: Serhiy Mykhalchuk
Editor: Ihor Podolchak
Screenplay: Ihor Podolchak
Music: Oleksandr Shchetynsky
Actors: Mykola Veresen, Lyubov Tymoshevska, Hanna Yarovenko, Dmytro Chernyavsky

Las meninas is about what the routine of everyday life can do to the human mind and psyche. It also reflects on the importance of the choices we make and how limited these choices are in the first place. Revolving around a family of four, living in a strange villa, whose lives are manipulated by the only son, Las meninas resembles the scattered pieces of a puzzle. It is up to the viewer to assemble them in order to form their own picture - a kind of modern interactive filmic experience.

Bio: Ihor Podolchak (Lviv, 1962) studied fine art at Lviv Art Academy. Artist and creator of numerous projects in the field of visual art, his work can be found in over twenty museums and public collections worldwide. His artist's book Jacob Böhme was awarded the World's Best Book prize at the International Frankfurt Book Fair. Las meninas is his first film.