Bar de zi şi alte povestiri
Bar de zi şi alte povestiri (Bar de día y otras historias)
Corina Radu
Romania, 2007
Betacam SP (PAL) (HD). 57min. Color. VOSC
Production: Dan Nutu, [email protected], +1617 306 0015
Photography: Dragan Nikolic
Editor: Corina Radu
Screenplay: Corina Radu

Bar de zi şi alte povestiri intertwines the intimate stories of the patrons of a daytime bar in the city of Sibiu, the last state-owned bar to survive the communist regime. The bar's patrons are followed from the bar into their homes. By revealing unexpected, sometimes tragic life stories, ordinary people prove to be strong, true characters and the bar's modest entrance becomes a doorway to a profound reflection on human nature and personal destiny.


Corina Radu (Bucharest, 1974) studied cybernetics and later film directing. She has directed a range of different TV programmes, from documentaries to an 80-episode drama series. Her films include I'm Looking Forward to a Bright Future (2000) and A Film about Silence (2002).