Decir adiós
Decir adiós (Decir adiós)
Víctor Iriarte
Spain, 2007
35mm (S16mm). 18min. Color. VO
Production: Víctor Iriarte, [email protected], +34 630 511 060
Photography: Arauco Hernández, Agustín Coutinho
Editor: Sebastián Cabrera, Víctor Iriarte
Screenplay: Víctor Iriarte
Sinopsis: Eighteen-year-old Tania works in an estate agent's on the coast. One day she goes to a film casting, but is not chosen: all she can do is watch the shoot from afar.
Bio: Víctor Iriarte (Bilbao, 1976) started work as a journalist at film festivals such as San Sebastián, Berlin and Cannes. He was second director's assistant to Isaki Lacuesta on his feature film Cravan versus Cravan (2001) and later made several experimental videos. In 2003 he travelled to Uruguay and now lives between both sides of the Atlantic.