We Went to Wonderland
We Went to Wonderland
Xiaolu Guo
China / UK, 2008
Betacam SP (PAL) (DVcam / Digital Betacam). 76min. Black and White. VOSC
Production: Xiaolu Guo, Philippe Ciompi, [email protected], +44 20 7739 4909
Photography: Xiaolu Guo
Editor: Philippe Ciompi
Screenplay: Xiaolu Guo
Music: Philippe Ciompi
Actors: Xiaolu Guoi, Heying Li

"The further you go, the less you understand." (Lao Tzu) This visual poem is like an abstract Chinese ink painting, drawing traces of two people's interior life. A Chinese daughter, the director, decides to use digital stills to record her parent's first, and perhaps last, journey to the West. Minimalist, integrating stills and quotes, the film portraits a philosophical journey, through cultural conflicts, relationships, memories of personal histories and shadows of the turmoil of China's past.

Bio: Xiaolu Guo has directed the award-wining films The Concrete Revolution (2004) and How Is Your Fish Today? (2007). She has also published several novels, including A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers, which has been translated into over twenty languages.
Festivals: Festival Internacional de Cinema de Rotterdam (2008), New Directors/New Films MoMa, Nova York (2008) i Festival Internacional de Cinema d'Edinburg (2008).