La sombra de Don Roberto
La sombra de Don Roberto (La sombra de Don Roberto)
Juan Diego Spoerer, Håkan Engström
Chile, 2007
DVD (Video / MiniDv). 28min. Color. VO
Production: Juan Diego Spoerer, Håkan Engström, [email protected], +56 71 214467
Photography: Annika Busch
Editor: Stefan Sundlöf
Screenplay: Juan Diego Spoerer, Håkan Engström
Music: "Alina y espejo en espejo", Ärvo Pärt
Sinopsis: One day, a boy travels with his family to the nitrate fields in Chacabuco, the old fortress town in the Antofagastadesert, and explores the old buildings. The years go by and, like the wind, the days and hours of yesteryear slip away. The boy is now an old man. A lonely old man. And this old man decides to go and live in Chacabuco.
Bio: Juan Diego Spoerer is an independent director and documentary-film teacher in Chile, and Håkan Engström is a sound engineer and producer for the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, for whom they have made some twenty radio documentaries, with Engström producing and Spoerer directing. In 1999, Spoerer received the Swedish National Journalism Award for a series of documentaries on Chile, and won second prize in the documentary section at the Prix Europa in Berlin.

 Festival Internacional de Cinema de Toulouse, Festival Internacional de Cinema Indielisboa, Festival Internacional de Curtmetratges de Clermont-Ferrand, Festival Internacional de Cinema de Valdivia, Festival Internacional de Viña Del Mar i Festival Internacional de Documentals, FIDOCS, Santiago de Xile.