Nijuman no borei (200.000 Phantoms)
Jean-Gabriel Périot
France, 2007
35mm (35mm/Photographies). 10min. Mixta. VOSC

Saturday 17th
Audiorio CCCB

Production: Yves le Yaouanq,, +33 149 983 994
Music: current 93

Sinopsis: An experimental meditation around the A-Bomb Dome, a former Japanese business centre, now a symbol of the destruction of the city of Hiroshima by the American atomic bomb in 1945. Built in 1915, it was the only building to remain standing in the immediate vicinity of the explosion. Having never been repaired it remains as it was the day of the bombing, and hence symbol to the hundreds of thousands dead in August 1945.

Bio: Babysitter, barman, clothes and handcrafts salesman, assistant director, editor, mime artist, auction sales assistant, journalist and filmmaker Jean-Gabriel Périot has made many short films, including 21.04.02 (2002), We Are Winning Don't Forget (2003) and Eût-elle été criminelle (2006), all screened at previous editions of l'Alternativa.

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